Beck Bagpipe Valve


The Beck Valve. Bag pipe valve.

The 'Beck Valve' was developed specifically for the Highland pipes. It is of the mushroom type, mounted on the base of blowpipe stock, using a tapered universal fitting that does away with the need for hemp.
The "Beck Valve" gives an excellent delivery of air, is not dependent on a back pressure for closure, eases blowing and keeps a constant controllable pressure on the reeds.
As the Beck Valve is not mounted on the blowpipe it's self then the blowpipe can be bored out a little, again easing blowing..
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A proprietary water trap which will (according to Ian Sherwood) give you 1/3 -1/2 again before having to replace your 'Ross canister', comes with the "Beck Valve" and fits neatly on top of the "Beck Valve" protruding into the stock.


  £17.95 Each