Practice Chanter


The Cowal Chanter. Practice chanter

The Cowal  practice chanter is not much longer than a standard one.
It has the full finger stretch of a GHB chanter without the clumsiness of a ‘Long’ practice chanter. There are three models, all in African blackwood.
The Budget model with an aluminium ferule – £80
The Standard model with an aluminium ferule and button ring – £85
The Traditional model with imitation horn ferule and button ring – £85
As this is a quality instrument, every chanter is supplied with a quality reed, usually a Trutone, ensuring that every one is pitched to 440 hertz ‘A’. It is possible to pitch them to 466 hertz ‘B flat’ using a Chris Apps reed. Also a quality reed.
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‘O’rings are fitted instead of hemp. It is beautifully balanced, looks good, feels good and sounds good.
What else would you expect from an experienced small pipe maker.




£80 Each 

£85 Each


£85 Each