The flagship of Beckpipes.

Bellows blown or mouth blown in ‘A’, ‘Bb’ ‘C’ or ‘D’

Made with Blackwood or Aluminium.


These pipes have three drones: base, tenor and baritone ( shut-off valves are optional) in a common stock, as per LPBS specification.

The sound of these pipes is comparable with the best, as their track record at LPBS contests will verify.

The aluminium instrument has the following advantages:

  • Robust, polished aluminium alloy
  • Superb tone
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Moisture resistant
  • Thermally efficient
  • Future-proof
  • Beck valve
  • Ezeedrone reeds
  • ‘O’ ring joints
  • Nyprene Bag
  • Nyprene Bellows (incorporating Beck Valves)

The Blackwood pipes are constructed to the same high standard, but are made in a more traditional manner with imitation horn/ivory mounts and with ‘O’ rings instead of hemp joints. 

Nut ivory ferule are now an option.

I took a holy tree down in our own garden a couple years ago and have  a limited amount of wood.  Go to my specials page to see the holly pipes.

All SSPs have Ezeedrone reeds in the drones and a choice of cane or synthetic reed in the chanter.

This high quality, prestige product is only available by ordering direct from myself or one of my agents.  A 20% deposit is expected.

As well as a serious drop in price a ‘Special’ Cowal Chanter will be included with every set of small pipes ordered.

Four a sound example, go to;



Price for all small pipes: £950 including delivery. Discounts can be arranged.

Delivery: 3 months from order aprox
To Order: Please contact us here.